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At we can get you a mortgage we can help find you a lender and a great rate. Plus we can provide a decision in an hour. We search the whole market place to find the best mortgages for self employed people, with the aim of ‘tailoring’ a solution to suit your specific needs.

Our Simple Guide to Self Employed Mortgages

Self employed mortgages otherwise known as ‘self certification mortgages’, refer to a loan where the borrower certifies their own income not the lender. These self employed mortgages meant that previously borrowers didn’t need to provide any evidence of income and a declaration of earnings was enough. However these loans have since been removed from the market as lenders have been forced to become more careful with their assessments and how much they loan out.

The Difficulty with Securing Mortgages for Self Employed People

It’s true that in the current mortgage climate lots of people are having difficulties in obtaining a mortgage, especially if you are after mortgages for the self employed. For many self employed people sourcing a loan has became more difficult with the removal of the self-certification loan system following the FCA changes. The majority of lenders now require three years trading accounts for example, which can make things very difficult.

Solutions and Alternatives to Self Employed Mortgages

There are in fact mortgages available from high street lenders that will accept just 1 years trading accounts, but you may need expert advice and assistance to get these. There are other potential avenues too.

If you have a good track record of being continuously employed over several years in contract-to-contract work this is a great advantage. There are excellent options for IT contract worker mortgages for example.

Speak to one of our specialists – there are options available out there, you just need to speak to those in the know.

How our Mortgages Can Help You

It can seem almost impossible to get a mortgage if you are registered as self employed. However there are a range of mortgages on offer for self employed people. As independent mortgage advisors we know exactly which lenders will accept self-employed candidates and we help build up your case to these lenders. With a dedicated mortgage advisor we will ensure the whole end to end process runs smoothly, ensuring you’re in your dream home, in no time.

What’s more, with our knowledge of self employed mortgages we can get the right deal for you. So you can begin to move forward again. To talk to our self employed mortgages team call 0207 993 2709, or simply click on the ‘Apply Online’ link below.

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Unfortunately we can not help if one of the following applies.

1. Payday loans within the last 6 months.
2. Been discharged from bankruptcy for less than 12 months.
3. Missed more than 1 months mortgage payment within the last 12 months.
4. If your CCjs/defaults have been entered against you within the last 6 months.