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When you decide to remortgage you are moving from one mortgage offer to another and will be paying off your old mortgage with the proceeds of the new one...


Right to Buy

The Right to Buy scheme allows council tenants to buy their homes at a discounted price, provided that they meet minimal qualification criteria...


CIS Contractor

Are you a building contractor that is struggling to get a mortgage? Have you been told you can’t get a mortgage because you don’t have accounts for the last three years?...


Buy to Let

In the past people purchased homes with the intention of living in them, but today a lot of people invest in residential properties with the objective of letting them out...


Poor Credit

If you have a poor credit history or have a CCJ or default registered against you, you may think it will be harder to get a mortgage/remortgage. This however is not...


Self Employed

Are you self employed but have found it a problem getting a mortgage? Struggling to provide years of employment evidence?....


Multiple Occupancy

We can get you a mortgage can help you find the most suitable mortgage options for you, whether you have put an offer in on a single-occupant property or a House...


Self Build

Paying for a self-build project is slightly different from buying a complete property, because you’ll be funding the building work over a period of weeks or months...

Unfortunately we can not help if one of the following applies.

1. Payday loans within the last 6 months | 2. Been discharged from bankruptcy for less than 12 months |  3. Missed more than 1 months mortgage payment within the last 12 months | 4. If your CCjs/defaults have been entered against you within the last 6 months.